Take the stress out of college planning

My strategies have helped 900+ families get more financial aid and attend better schools.

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Amy Sosnowski with Strategic College Planning

Gain the insights, advice and tools to get ahead

Maximize Financial Aid

My clients get significantly more need-based and merit-based scholarships and financial aid.

Personalize Your Plan

Know that you're doing it right the first time. No more days fretting over the wrong decision.

Get Into Better Schools

Find schools that are great for your student, and great for your wallet.

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Since 2022, Amy's students have received more than $18 Million in scholarships and grant funds.

Not one penny includes private or outside scholarships and

NONE of this ever has to be paid back.

More About Amy

Proven systems, personalized for your student

All of your recommendations for schools, high school courses, essay topics, and financial strategy are personalized for your student. My clients work directly with me.

  • Is there more than one “good-match” school for my child?
  • Is an “A” always better than a “B”?
  • There’s so much information out there…how do I know what is true and what applies to us?
  • How can I identify schools that will offer the best financial aid packages to those in our situation?
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I'll assist your student with their academic resume, college applications, essays and ACT/SAT plan.

  • Is my student's essay going to stand out?
  • Do we need an academic resume?
  • Do SAT and ACT scores really matter?
  • What should my student select an essay topic?
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I'll assist you with important forms. 21 years of experience to complement and round out your financial strategy.

  • What if we’re not eligible for need-based financial aid?
  • Of course it’s more expensive to send my child to a prestigious private college – right?
  • Do we make too much money to apply for financial aid?
  • My tax advisor tells us to transfer some assets into our child’s name.  How will this affect his/her aid package?
  • Will we have to use our retirement funds to pay for college?
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Your student will learn how to best position themselves ahead of their peers.

  • What are admissions offices actually looking for?
  • Only students with high GPAs can earn scholarship money…right?
  • What is expected of my student?
  • How much effort should I put into locating scholarships?
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I focus on schools that are great for your student, and great for your wallet helping you to make the best decision. At the end of the day, I want student who love their college experience.

  • Is there more than one “good-match” school for my child?
  • Should I pick a cheap school, or a school that opens up opportunities? Are both possible?
  • What schools would you recommend I visit?
  • I really like this school... how can we maximize my financial aid and merit-based scholarships?
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Parent's Testimonials

“He is now a freshman at his first-choice college which would have not even made our list if it had not been for Amy. We were so pleased with her service, we have renewed our contract for next year.”

“The best description I can think of to describe our experience with Amy is “Peace of Mind.”

“When we found Amy, our son was a senior starting the college selection process. Now I’m signing my daughter up as a high school sophomore.”


Who is Amy?

I've been guiding families through the college planning process for over 20 years. I help families create individualized strategies for students to choose the best-fit school, and make it an affordable reality. My services are specialized and go far beyond the scope of a typical counselor, accountant, or financial planner.

  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Worked With Over 900 Families
  • Put 3 of Her Own Through College, Including 3 Athletes and 1 Merit-Based Full-Ride
  • HECA member, BBB A+ Rating, INACAC member
  • Loves Her Job and Loves Seeing Students Succeed
More About Amy
Amy Sosnowski with Strategic College Planning