College Admissions and Financial Aid Class

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College Admissions and Financial Aid Class

Each of these questions will be answered...

  • My tax advisor tells us to transfer some assets into our child’s name.  How will this affect his/her aid package?
  • Is there more than one “good-match” school for my child?
  • How important is sticker price of a college?
  • What if we’re not eligible for need-based financial aid?
  • Is an “A” always better than a “B”?
  • How much effort should I put into locating scholarships?
  • Can my student’s paycheck make him/her LOSE out on financial aid?
  • How much money can I contribute to my 401(k) so that I don’t affect the college bill?
  • Only students with high GPAs can earn scholarship money…right?
  • How should parent and student assets be positioned to maximize financial aid?
  • How can I identify schools that will offer the best financial aid packages to those in our situation?
  • There’s so much information out there…how do I know what is true and what applies to us?
  • SAT/ACT scores – do they really matter?
  • Will we have to use our retirement to pay for college?
  • Of course it’s more expensive to send my child to a prestigious private college – right?
  • My accountant/neighbor/attorney/financial planner told us that we make too much money to bother applying for financial aid – is he/she right?
  • We own our own home – does that disqualify us for financial aid?
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